Gardner National Bank, Branch Location New Building and Interior Design, Gardner, Kansas

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Description: The City of Gardner, Kansas is located on the fringe of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Many families are finding Gardner to be an ideal location to raise a family because of its small town character, affordable housing and easy access to the cultural and employment opportunities that can be found in Kansas City, and surrounding suburbs.

Gardner National Bank is a cornerstone of the City of Gardner. As the town continues to grow at a faster than average pace, Gardner National Bank recognized the need to construct a new branch bank in order to better serve the growing population. The bank chose a site on the outskirts of town in an area that is quickly developing. Piper-Wind Architects, Inc was retained to design the branch bank. The site selected was undeveloped and surrounded by farm land. Piper-Wind Architects, Inc worked with City Officials to master plan the site and integrates this development into the City's master plan. The Bank wanted to create a building that would "set the standard" for future development... understanding that the quality of building that they build may directly influence the quality of buildings that may be build around it. To that end, Piper-Wind Architects, Inc developed a design that incorporates brick and stone as the primary building materials. The One story building is punctuated by a raised roof area that is surrounded by glass (which allows the bank lobby to be filled with daylight).