Piper-Wind Architect's Office, Kansas City, Missouri

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Description: In 2009, Piper-Wind Architects relocated their offices to the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, Missouri. The new office occupies the former loading dock area of the Historic Nabisco Biscuit Company building, now known as the Stuart Hall loft building. The Stuart Hall building has been renovated into a mixed-use building with street level offices and loft apartments. The existing brick and concrete structure creates a backdrop for the new open office.

To emphasize our commitment to sustainable design practices Piper-Wind decided to pursue LEED certification using the USGBC's Commercial Interiors rating system. An open office plan with interior glazing allows natural light into the interior of the space. The new office build-out utilized regionally manufactured materials, low VOC paints/sealants, low consumption plumbing fixtures and interior finish materials with high percentages of recycled content. All existing office furniture was reused.

The mechanical and electrical systems were also designed for optimal energy efficiency. Lighting systems consists of a variety of fixtures including suspended fluorescent strips, compact fluorescent recessed can lights and wall sconces, as well as low voltage track lighting. A majority of the light fixtures are connected to occupancy sensors with manual overrides and any lights not connected to an occupancy sensor are connected to a time clock controller. The mechanical system consists of two split systems, each controlled by a programmable thermostat. In addition, natural ventilation is possible through the use of operable windows when outdoor temperatures allow.