Linwood Area Ministry Place, Kansas City, Missouri

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Description: Located in the heart of Kansas City's first urban neighborhoods, the Linwood Area Ministry Place was developed as an inner city campus for the support of a variety of non-profit agencies and programs. The Design team was asked to provide a master plan for the block that currently accommodates three structures: a 1915's chapel and 1930's sanctuary/ classroom addition both of which had long been vacant, and an adjacent 1950's in-residence / school building presently serving as offices and community meeting space.

The master plan of approximately 80,000 square feet, identified how the client's program could be fit within and without demolishing all of the historically significant buildings. The existing sanctuary was developed as a variety of meeting and classroom space for programs for after-school tutoring and job skills training and offices for a number of non-profit agencies. A new multipurpose center was designed for the site of the original chapel building which had deteriorated beyond repair, and the adjacent in-residence school building was designed to accommodate daycare facilities on its first floor with volunteer work group extended stay housing accommodations on the upper floors.

Keys to the renovation of this as well as any other vintage structures is to understand it's structural, spatial, construction and detailed aspects inherent to the building, which can then be preserved, augmented and highlighted.

The first phase, stabilizing the existing structures was completed at the cost of approximately $650,000 while additional fundraising efforts are undertaken and tenants identified.