Post - World War II Housing Idea Book, First Suburbs Coalition, Mid-America Regional Council, Kansas City, Missouri

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Description: The Post World War Two Housing Idea Book is a concise, practical, and authoritative guide to renovating the most typical houses built in the 1950's and 60's and which proliferate the country's landscape. Commissioned by the Mid America Regional Council, the book was conceived by their First Ring Suburbs Coalition to promote reinvestment in the area's inner ring suburbs and to preserve the scale and inherent characters of these neighborhoods.

With their vast experience in community and neighborhood planning, working with the zoning ordinances of many First Suburbs communities and all types of residential projects, Piper-Wind Architects was charged to organize, develop, and design the Plan Book.

The 36-page booklet includes information on the history of post-WWII homes, important design considerations, and, most importantly, specific renovation ideas of varying scale for the Cape Cod, Ranch, Split-Level, and Two-Story houses typical of that era. Profusely illustrated with over 80 drawings and sketches, a major emphasis was in making it readable and understandable, thus a useful tool for the general public.

Piper-Wind Architects, Inc. served as the single source consultant. Working closely with the First Suburb's subcommittee, who assisted in developing an outline of the content and reviewed design ideas, and MARC's in-house public relations staff which developed the final layout and graphic format, PWA was responsible for the book's intellectual content, all designs, drawings and text related to the drawings.

The Post World War II Housing Idea Book has received numerous accolades, including a state American Planning Association honor award and special recognition from the National League of Cities First Tier Suburbs Council. It has also been featured by both local and national media such as Governing Magazine. Completed in less than 4 months, the Post World War II Housing Idea Book is being sold through both local and national booksellers.

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