Avila University O'Reilly Hall Science Building, Kansas City, Missouri

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Description: In response to a growing science program and the need for more student laboratory space, Piper-Wind Architects was asked to provide design services for the renovation of the Avila University's O'Reilly Hall Science Building. Working with the Dean of the School of Science and Health, as well as various professors, PWA programmed and redesigned a large percentage of the existing facility, including the complete renovation of the existing Microbiology Lab and Chemistry Lab, the construction of a new General Lab and a new Instrument Lab, a new Administrative Suite, new hallway finishes and student gathering spaces. Construction is slated to begin during the summer and fall of 2013 and must be scheduled to minimize disruption of classes.

The first phase of the O'Reilly Hall Science Building renovation was completed in 2012, with the complete renovation of the Anatomy and Physiology Lab. Extensive meetings with the Dean, professors, and members of the university facilities staff, allowed the design for the A&P Lab Renovation to exactly fit their specific needs, including the complete renovation of the lab classroom, the research area, and the addition of a new student study room for the study of models. Construction was completed over the spring and summer semesters, staged and scheduled around classes.

Design features included: all new finishes, including a new epoxy floor, new custom wood casework with epoxy resin tops specially designed to house and view anatomy models and custom cabinet for router and 24 laptops including ventilation fan; power and data connections at all 24 student stations; multi-level lighting controls; and a new AV system, including a teachers console to control dual classroom monitors, student laptop displays and camera to record lectures for online viewing.