Avila University Whitfield Center Commons, Kansas City, Missouri

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Description: Whitfield Center houses the university's primary conference center, meeting areas and the School of Business. As such, its front entrance and lobby space serves as the public face of Avila to many visitors. The somewhat dark, dreary and outdated primary lobby was renovated with new finishes, furnishings, and windows to create a more cheerful, comfortable, and relaxing multipurpose space, allowing for a greater variety of functions. New finishes included terrazzo tile flooring, coffered ceilings, upgraded lighting and more easily movable furniture. The entrance into the School of Business administrative offices was reconfigured providing a more welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, an adjacent space for a sandwich shop was created. Where, previously, the only on campus dining option was at the university dining hall, available only to those with a meal plan, the Commons now affords another choice on campus and a space for commuter students to have a place to enjoy meals together. The Whitfield Commons now provides an additional relaxed place for study groups to meet on campus and is also more able to serve as a pre-function space for the University Conference Center.