Missouri Department of Conservation,

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Description: Piper-Wind Architects led a team of designers and engineers in the renovation of Missouri Department of Conservation Powder Valley Nature Center located in Kirkwood, Missouri. This extensive renovation included all of Powder Valley's exhibit areas as well as its entrance hall, reception area, library and front entry plaza. The central purpose of the project was to replace existing aging exhibits with new, engaging and informational exhibits that would be fun for adults and young children alike. New, large scale exhibits rich in interactivity and viewer participation challenged the traditional concepts of static dioramas while also improving circulation flow, safety, security, and supervision.

The design team created a completely new educational experience that is both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing from the moment one enters the parking lot. In one area a large tree house was created in a two story room allowed kids to "occupy" a space within the exhibits. A variety of audiovisual and electronics abound, creating both meaningful and educational tools that, through their interactive nature, are engaging for kids of all ages. New entrance identification was created at the front door to help invite the many who visit the grounds to come inside the Nature Center.

In addition to the work at Powder Valley, Piper-Wind Architects led the same project team in development of four extensive traveling exhibits. These exhibits encompass the same aspects of interactivity and experiential learning opportunities as those at the Power Valley Nature Center. They are rotated yearly amongst eight Missouri Department of Conservation sites. Each exhibit is themed to a particular topic in a way that is both educational and memorable.

Exhibit Design: Formations, Inc.