Accessible Design

Our staff has a great deal of expertise in preparing Title II ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) facility assessments, settlement agreement transition plans, related ADA improvements and code compliance construction projects. We have completed assessments for over 300 facilities utilizing our copyrighted ADA assessment software, and have developed a transition plan methodology that has been considered “the very best” by the U.S. Dept. of Justice - utilizing a proprietary document management platform. These assessment tools and the document management platform, customizable for each client’s specific needs, have proven invaluable in the preparation of assessment documentation that is clear, comprehensive, and trackable, particularly when moving from the transition plan’s planning stages to construction implementation.   We have similar experience with ABAAS, UFAS, VA, and other accessibility standards.

Our firm has not only performed ADA assessments using our proprietary ADA assessment software programs and document management tools, but developed creative accessible design solutions and prepared construction documents for many municipal facilities, including golf courses, police stations, parks, community centers, museums, nature and interpretive centers, aquatics facilities, office buildings, city halls, theaters, convention centers, auditoriums, amphitheaters, music halls, stadiums and arenas. 

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