Georgian Revival Renovation

Sunset Hills District, Kansas City, MO

Our project involved a full interior remodel and exterior restoration to modernize the infrastructure and to accommodate the needs of a young family, but with the important focus on preserving the history of this 1920s Georgian revival home.

Our design included a single story kitchen addition, carefully designed to integrate with the existing exterior architectural detail of the structure, it being visible from public views.  Conversely, to the rear private area of the house is an antithesis to traditional architecture, converting a little used north facing courtyard, surrounded on three sides by 2-story walls, and open to the north, into a modern glass enclosed double story “sunroom” which can be opened out to the patio beyond, making it now a fully functioning part of the house.

Interior Design: By owner

General Contractor: Line Construction (restoration & kitchen addition) and Robert Montgomery Homes (sunroom)

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