Low Country Revival - The Ford Plantation

Savannah, GA

This new residence, a few miles south of Savannah, GA on land of the historic Ford Plantation, was designed to be reminiscent of traditional Low Country homes that may have lined area streams and estuaries of Georgia’s coastal landscape in the 18th century.

PWA’s design showcases a central cabin structure connected to outlying “cottages” by an enclosed hallway and an open air covered walkway. 

The central building houses the main gathering areas - kitchen, dining and hearth room – and a guest bedroom loft on the upper level, while the outlying cottages comprise a master suite cottage to the south of the central building, and a guest cottage to the north.

The ensemble is tied together by a series of porches that offer views to Lake Sterling.  The result is a collection of buildings that appear to have evolved over centuries… as if they were added by subsequent generations of the original owner. 

The façade designs project a modest cottage appearance and is articulated with extensive porches, large banks of windows on the lake side, wood lap siding, and metal roofing.

Interior Design: Suzanne Rester Watson, Grayton Beach, FL and Oliver Carter, Atlanta, GA

General Contractor: J T Turner Construction Company, Savannah, GA

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