Starlight Theatre Renovations

Kansas City, MO 

As part of a multi-phase renovation project, Piper-Wind Architects has developed facility enhancements for historic Starlight Theatre, including upgrades to outdoor public assembly amphitheater seating, restrooms, concessions, retail spaces, administrative offices, performance dressing rooms, circulation plazas and parking lots.  In addition to improving the spectator experience, renovations include ADA improvements that will provide greater access for all patrons.

Starlight is a premier entertainment landmark, presenting live Broadway theatre since 1951.  The 16 acre complex is also a favored performance venue for top concert artists, with a climate-controlled stage, rehearsal spaces, dressing rooms and amenities that are considered state of the art in the outdoor concert industry. 

“We’re incredibly appreciative of the City team’s dedication in the strategy and renovation of ADA improvements to our historic outdoor theatre. The efforts between the City, Parks Department and Starlight have been a wonderfully collaborative project, and we’ve created a plan that retains the quality and aesthetic that patrons have come to expect at and associate with Starlight Theatre for more than 60 years.”    -Rich Baker, Starlight President & CEO

Some of the accessibility enhancements completed at Starlight Theatre were featured in the following video from Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City, a volunteer-driven organization committed to providing children with developmental disabilities the adaptive equipment and opportunities needed for activity and inclusion:

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